DRINK: Four Chic Cocktail Options

During winter months, we have been craving stronger, yet still elegant cocktail choices.  Below we have created a list of suggested cocktails to impress your date, girlfriends or significant other.

Manhattan  History has suggested this cocktail originated at the Manhattan Club in New York City.   Different variations exist, but it’s said that the traditional version is made with Rye Whiskey.

Old Fashioned The first version was created in Kentucky, but later brought to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.  It’s also the cocktail choice of Don Draper – you cannot go wrong.

Sazerac This is New Orlean’s version of the Old Fashioned, and declaired the official city cocktail.  There are different styles of making a Sazerac depending on the bartender, but all are pretty fantastic.

French 75  Created at the New York Bar in Paris, it’s a symbol of elegance, yet packs a punch.  (The name infers being hit by a French 75mm field gun).  It was brought to America and featured at the Stork Club in New York.

Photo Credit:  Elizabeth Perrin/Epicurious

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