DRINK: Unique Gin & Tonic Recipes


We love a good cocktail.  Especially one that is happy and unique and brings some fun for Springtime.  We also like to take a classic recipe, and spice it up a bit.  Take a Gin & Tonic for instance.  The classic recipe calls for gin, tonic water and lime.  Still a great drink, but a little stale and “done”.

We like to add a bit of a twist to make the classic and bit more refreshed.  Here are a few options to try.

–          Try adding cucumber instead of lime.

–          Add mint, and juniper berries in place of lime.

–          Add a slide of pink grapefruit for a new twist.

–          Add a slice or orange and a splash of Orangina.

All will result in a refreshing and new way to enjoy your Gin & Tonic.  Salut!


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