FOOD: The Perfect Spanish Lunch

We recently enjoyed a Spanish-style lunch, and what a treat!  Below are all the components you need to lunch like a true Spaniard.

Rule #1 – Start late.  Everything the Spanish do is later.  Tell guests to arrive around 3pm.  You’ll eat at 4:30pm

Rule #2 – Have wine options. it’s important to have a good mix to take you through the meal.  Start with a Cava to have with small bites and appetizers.  Then open an Albarino for the beginning of the meal.  End with a fantastic red to round out the meal.

Rule #3 – Ease your way through the meal.   Start with small bites.  Famous for their tapas, it’s important to keep your guests fed a bit, as you cook, converse, hang out.  A few suggestions:

Arcona almonds


Manchego Cheese

Embutidos – jamon, salchichon, chorizo

El Pan-Tumaca – similar to a bruschetta,  this combo of toast, garlic, tomato is a perfect intro snack.  Add some jamon or proscuitto to make it even better.

For the main meal, and simple and delicious option is a Spanish Tortilla, served with a salad.

Rule #4 – Enjoy relaxing and hanging out with friends and family!  This style of lunch is a wonderful way to catch up with everyone, while enjoying delicious food & wine.   Here are more reasons to love the Spanish way of life.

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